This year, many Independence Day celebrations will span an entire “long weekend” so there will essentially be three consecutive days of potentially increased unsafe and/or criminal activity in your area. Check out these 10 safety reminders.

1.) Fireworks can be weapons. Pay attention to the partiers in your area and be mindful.


2.) Drunk drivers can hit you, too. Watch the road and other drivers passing through your neighborhood.


3.) The 4th can be hot. Stay hydrated.


4.) Do the math: Lots of people + 4th of July consumption + heat = Recipe for disaster. Stay sharp. Remember that drinking and a charged up crowd can inspire some people to be more confrontational than they would normally be.


5.) Crowds can quickly get unruly during mass celebrations. Pay attention to your surroundings to keep yourself and loved ones safe.


6.) Repeating #3, the 4th of July can be hot. Stay Hydrated


7.) Make sure to have a first aid kit nearby just in case Are you ready for first responder treatment of missing fingers, a variety of burns, a bottle rocket to the eye, alcohol poisoning, dehydration, etc.?


8.) Don’t forget your own kids. You likely caution others about the dangers of screwing around with fireworks (and other explosives), drunk driving, drinking too much, etc. Make sure your own kids are included in that discussion.


9.) Refresh yourself on water rescue protocol and procedures in your community if applicable. Make sure there is a lifeguard on duty at your pool.


10.) Make sure you’ve got a fire extinguisher at your home. With fireworks being lit, the potential for a fire is definitely there. If you’re prepared to act early, you can help avoid a bigger problem.

These tips are not meant to scare, but to be heeded as a precaution leading to a safe and enjoyable holiday celebration.