Virtual Guarding

Virtual Guarding

Current surveillance systems only leave you with a recording of a crime AFTER it has already occurred. Our Virtual Guard Service helps prevent the crime from happening in the first place. 

Bay Ridge Security’s live monitoring and High-Definition IP megapixel video cameras provide a more effective alternative to traditional surveillance methods. Our trained operators can watch for live break-ins and property damage. When suspicious activity is noticed they can activate speakers and communicate with authorities, which increases the likelihood of deterring crime before it happens.

Our Virtual Guard service can:

  • Prevent criminal activity before it occurs
  • Live monitor your property at all times
  • Visually and verbally warn all trespassers
  • Notify and assist authorities in the apprehension of trespassers and criminals
  • Use your current camera system or ours

Gated Communities

  • Reduce the expense of physical guards
  • Capture video & voice recording of every visitor to your community
  • Capture video and license plate of every visitor
  • 24/7 Live Gate Assistants to process your guests and visitors using 2 way audio and video.
  • Remotely monitor amenity areas of the community during off hours such as Clubhouses, Pools and Playgrounds