To All our Clients, Employees and Friends…

After 50 years in business, we at Bay Ridge Security find ourselves at a point where escalating costs, an increasingly hostile economic and regulatory environment for small businesses, difficulties in recruitment of quality employees and slow payments from customers make continuing operations impossible.
Rather than simply closing our doors, we were able to partner with Maximum Security to pass on both our clients and our workers so that both suffered minimal disruption from our departure. Maximum Security, a tough competitor when we were in business, has been gracious and very professional and has made this transfer relatively painless for all concerned. We will be forever grateful to them for everything and recommend them to anyone looking for quality security guard services.
To our workers, thank you for your service, and we wish you the best. To our customers, some of whom we served for decades, thank you for your business. To fellow small businesses struggling to stay alive, our prayers go with you, we know your pain and the challenges you face.
And now we move on, our heads bloody, but unbowed…

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